AmeriCorps CORP Overview


Central Colorado Area Health Education Center (CCAHEC) is the awardee for the Corporation for National Community Service (CNCS) grant with Serve Colorado. The CORP relies on a partnership between CCAHEC, the Regional Area Health Education Centers (AHECs), Rise Above Colorado, the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention (the Consortium), and the Colorado Attorney General’s Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force (Task Force).

The overarching goal of the partnership is to link the existing infrastructures of the AHECs, Rise Above, the Consortium, and the Task Force with local community coalitions. The CORP will use a “constellation model” approach that has been identified as a best practice, designed to bring together multiple groups or
sectors and work toward a shared goal.

The CORP grant and AmeriCorps members will help the four partners increase support to local communities working to reduce the impact of opioid misuse.

AmeriCorps State Activities

During the course of the program, three evidenced-based strategies will be used. The AmeriCorps members will work with the regional AHECs and partners in the community to:

• support planning and execution of provider education events about safe prescribing practices
• plans and executes community educational events on administration of Naloxone
• coordinates and delivers of youth-focused opioid-related educational programming and resources

This member may also plan and execute community education on safe disposal, disseminate opioid-related messaging campaigns; and initiate, support, and enhance community-based collaborations.

AmeriCorps State Goals and Performance Measures

The AmeriCorps members and partner organizations will work to jointly achieve pre-established goals.

  • Provider education – members will support at least six two-hour provider education events per year within their AHEC region. The goal is to educate more than 300 clients, with more than 150 reporting an increase in knowledge about safe opioid prescribing practices.
  •  Naloxone awareness– members will coordinate at least six community education events within their AHEC region. More than 600 community members will participate, with 300 reporting increased knowledge around overdose and Naloxone.
  • Youth-focused education – members will coordinate delivery of educational programming created for youths ages 12 to 17 within their regions. The members shall reach 1,800 youth, with 900 reporting increased knowledge about opioid usage.
AmeriCorps VISTA Activities

During the course of the program, three evidenced-based strategies will be used. The AmeriCorps VISTAs will work with local non-profits in the community to:

  • coordinate and facilitate meetings with local stakeholders to identify opioid-related concerns
  • explore opportunities for sustainable grants in the field of opioid use disorder (OUD)
  • collect and manage data pertaining to opioid use, misuse, and potential deterrent strategies

The AmeriCorps VISTAs will also disseminate related messaging campaigns; initiate support, and enhance community-based collaborations; and assist in other opioid misuse efforts.

AmeriCorps VISTA Goals and Performance Measures

The AmeriCorps VISTAs and partner organizations will work to jointly achieve pre-established goals.

  • Community Partnerships –VISTAs will collectively engage 30 regional organizations to improve their understanding of opioids as well as potential strategies to be implemented throughout their community. Nine of the organizations are hoped to report that capacity building helped the organizations be more efficient with partner collaborations, financial resources, technology use, and volunteer recruitment.
  • Data Collection and Research–VISTAs will work to develop a collection of data related to the opioid epidemic, housed at the host site. VISTAs will be easily accessible sources of information regarding treatment, overdose statistics, and local developments.
  • Volunteer Recruitment –  In addition to raising awareness, VISTAs will aid in recruiting volunteers with partner organizations through event coordination, local advertising, and targeted outreach.
Contact Information

Cori Howard, Central Colorado AHEC AmeriCorps Program Manager, cori@centralcoahec.org, 720-728-5326


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